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Our Remote Computer Services can fix 9 out of 10 support calls without the need of waiting for an onsite tech!

Our Remote Computer Services are tailored to fit your company’s needs. While we offer various levels of support and flat fee subscription pricing, those are not the only reasons you need us.

With one of our plans, your company will know your costs every month and feel secure that all your support needs are covered! Best of all, you will get on-demand remote computer service without the wait.

Our support team can promptly connect to your computers and see what you see in real time!

With our Remote Computer Services Plans you will reduce overall cost since support is provided in a timely manner.

Furthermore, our Remote Computer Services Plans also lead to better employee productivity. How so? Your downtime can be reduced to minutes, rather than hours, so your employees can get back to work!

Most of all, our plans give you peace of mind in knowing you can continue doing business as normal. 


– Our services are tailored to fit your company needs!

Our services are done by FLAT RATE!

– Our services reduce the overall cost of maintenance

– Our services increase productivity by decreasing downtime

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